Why you should include Sweet Potatoes in your Diet.

Sweet potato is one of the oldest vegetable, a root vegetable to be precise. Most people believe sweet potatoes and regular potatoes have similar composition, but in actual sense they don’t even belong to the same family. Sweet potatoes are in convolvulaceae family while potato belong to the solanaceae family.


Sweet potatoes are indeed one of the hottest forms of super foods in recent times and it is important to incorporate it into your diet, especially if you are working out whether for weight loss or muscle building.


Sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. They offer superior complex carb, which is stored and then efficiently broken when needed later on. Sweet potato is one of the easiest vegetables to cook. Let’s not forget to mention its amazing taste and sweetness that no one can resist. Therefore, if you looking for a post workout snack, sweet potato is a great option, not unless you cutting your carbs.


Sweet potatoes is recommended as a bodybuilding diet due to its high fiber, potassium and vitamin A and B-6 content as well as its versatility. They also help in issues related to visual deficiencies and losing weight. Let us see how sweet potatoes benefit our body:


It is unbelievable how sweet potatoes can prevent blindness. They are rich in vitamin A, which boosts immune system, strengthens the bones and improves vision.

Sweet potato is also rich in beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in our body. Thus, it is important to take in sweet potatoes and most importantly, feed it to our kids.

  • It is high in fiber content that helps feel fuller, hence reduce the intake of food.


It is important to note that when preparing the sweet potato, avoid over cooking. It only needs to be roasted or steamed to get proper nutrient and vitamins in your body. The consumption of sweet potatoes will also result in a clear skin, control appetite and soon reduce weight.



Post Author: Ndegwa Muya