Tremendous Fat Burning Foods

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. Today, people believe in staying fit so as to achieve the healthy life goal. Some go for fitness regimen and exercises but they forget that all that is useless if the food you take in is unhealthy.

Starving yourself does not help in losing fat that is already in the body. Eating proper food will do the trick. Here are foods that help in burning fat from the body:

Green Tea:


A lot of praise goes towards green tea. As regards burning fat, especially around the waist line, green tea contains Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, which prevents the body from storing fat. You need to be a regular green tea consumer.


Proteins keep you from carving extra food. This is why it is recommended that we take a protein-rich food for breakfast so that we stay full for a while. Proteins also ensure fat loss at the same time preserving the muscle mass. Fat and muscle might weigh the same but muscle takes a lot less space than fat. Taking proteins ensures that you have the same mass but look leaner.



Adding cinnamon to your diet, will alert your body to release insulin. Insulin is known to cause the cells in the body to store extra fat. Cinnamon contains properties that counter the effects of insulin, so that the body does not store the fat.

Hot Pepper:

Hot pepper contains an element known as capsaicin that raises the internal temperature of the body. This allows the body burn calories faster during and after a meal. The calorie burning rate in the body goes up by 8%. Hot pepper also reduces one’s appetite, making you skip meals.



This is an example of proteins mentioned earlier. Other than the proteins stored in eggs, they also pack vitamin B which in itself contains choline. The choline helps your body use fat as a form of energy, instead of storing it, making you bulkier.

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Dairy Products:

Milk, yoghurt and cheese are helpful in maintaining a certain level of fat. Consuming the right amount of these products will help you shed the extra fat over time.



Don’t expect to burn fat with this one, but it will control the fat inside your body. According to the University of Arizona in Tucson’s research, eating grapefruit three times daily for six weeks will improve blood pressure and stabilize the concentration of lipids or fat in your blood.

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Pistachio Nuts:


Pistachio nuts at a controllable level, control the fat in the blood. It is an evening-snack alternative to pretzels



Ginger contains gingerol. It helps in countering the effects of a diet that is high in fat. You end up with less fat inside the body and blood.



We take coffee almost daily, but we corrupt it with milk and sugar and therefore not take in the correct compounds in the coffee. The caffeine in (black) coffee helps you burn fat. Caffeine is known for boosting metabolism and thereby burning calorie faster. For those who work-out, try coffee before a work-out.

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Post Author: Ndegwa Muya