Mind your Health

Most of us happen to believe that it’s all about eating properly, meaning less food, in order to stay healthy. Some also prefer lifting weights, heavy ones for that matter, believing they are fit for as long as they are strong. It would be incorrect to state that they are wrong but a beam balance requires masses placed at the right positions in order to balance. You need a multiple of choices and dedication to keep healthy.


As I stated above we need to balance what we eat and do. So let’s focus on both nutrition and exercising. Staying physically fit, which includes walking, yoga, swimming, dancing, jogging, aerobics and more, has the benefit of giving you more energy or keeping you physically strong. You will also notice drastic improvement in your health and of course, you are going to look in great shape.

Find your own best time.


Make exercising a habit. I know it is not easy especially in the first rounds but keep a positive attitude and make your goals too – what do you want to achieve by exercising? Outdoor exercising also helps maintain and develop your mental health. Do not be stuck alone; go out with friends and family and socialize. Sometimes open up your thoughts or problems to prevent stress. Be happy and try to smile always.

Eat right.

Eating right aids in maintaining your weight in a healthy way, improves your skin and gives you more energy. Make a habit of cooking your own food or meals. Eat fewer or no processed foods. This helps you get the right nutrients.


Make your plate look beautiful by including vegetables, fruits (they provide you with vitamins and fibre), lean meats and fish (they are a source of protein and healthy fats). For as much as you can, abstain from fast foods. Eat organic foods, as they do not have sugars or carbs that are there to increase weight. Always pay attention to information given on what you consume.

Take care of your teeth and gums as the contrary may result in chronic illness, diabetes and more. Consult your doctor who will help you figure out the impact of the food you eat, as some foods may help maintain your weight while others help in losing weight. Your doctor will also help you figure out what to avoid or what to take more of. Remember always, be clean and take loads of clean water.

Stay healthy!

Post Author: Ndegwa Muya