Green Tea for Weight Loss

Ooh my! How can I get to fit in slim clothes and feel comfortable, since my job takes all my time meaning no time for the gym? Go for green tea! Green tea is regarded as the healthiest drink on the planet, well of course after water. It is loaded with lots of nutrients and antioxidants that are great for our health. The reason I recommend green tea is the fact that it is a link to fat burning and weight loss.

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What of other teas? Or what makes green tea stand out? One thing that make green tea so special is the caffeine. One cup of green tea has less caffeine than one cup of coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant that gets your heart rate higher. The power of losing weight is not in the caffeine since anyone taking decaffeinated drinks would lose weight in the same way. So it is not the caffeine in green tea.

Green tea has antioxidants known as the catechins. Catechins, unlike other stimulants, do not stimulate your nervous system. Catechins have not only been link to weight loss, but have also been linked to lowering the bad cholesterol (LBD), at the same time raising the good cholestrol (HDL) and lowering the blood pressure along with other benefits. Green tea also increases endurance during workouts, thus leading to the ability to burn greater amount of fat in a short period.images (3)

Green tea has zero calories promoting a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to add sugar but lemon is a good choice to enhance the flavour.

Green tea fight dehydration since it is second to water when it comes to things that can keep you hydrated. It also contain natural calming ingredients that may help improve metabolism and manage stress better.

Green tea boosts the immune system making it easy to fight off illnesses.

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These and a lot more gives green tea an upper hand when it comes to fat burning since the strong antioxidant properties found in green tea help block fat storage and production.

Post Author: Ndegwa Muya